Monitoring equipment and optimising after sales activities

Machine manufacturers must always be able to ensure the performances of their machines and provide efficient after sales services.  In order to do it, they can use Industry 4.0 solutions like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

MIPU supported one of these companies in the machinery sector providing a software platform for performance monitoring and maintenance management.



The client is a company located near Bergamo that has a decade of experience in the design and production of conifying machines. Its experience in the field have made the company the perfect partner for companies in the packaging sector.



The main need of the customer was a software platform able to provide the overview of the machines distributed worldwide. Furthermore, the client wanted to offer after-sales services such as ticket management, failure prediction and energy consumption monitoring.

Lastly, the platform needed to be integrable with the classic SCADA already in use by the customer for the visualization and management of activities, but only at a local level.


The client chose MIPU as a partner in this challenge because we are able to provide a single platform for all these needs. In fact, our platform Rebecca sums up Internet of Things, asset management, consumption monitoring and creation of codeless Artificial Intelligence models. Furthermore, Rebecca is integrable with other systems without difficult configurations.



MIPU, first of all, installed a remote acquisition software on the operator panel of the machine. This software communicates with the conifying machine and receives the information that are sent with a fixed frequency to Rebecca, on the cloud of the company. These information are of three types: general data about the machine, specific data about pliers and other components, recipe data about the processed product.



Every conifying machine represents an asset on the platform and general data are collected for each of them. Through a dedicated dashboard, the company and its customers can visualize analysis of production, waste, analysis of OEE and machine downtimes.



Furthermore, a specific dashboard was created in order to gather the data about the 36 pliers that work on the jars and the other components.



The platform has also a Ticket application for the opening of assistance tickets related to the machine. With this application, the end clients are able to communicate anomalies to the company right away and receive a rapid remote intervention. Furthermore, the platform is complemented by an energy application for the energy consumption monitoring of each conifying machine.

The offered solution is completed by Artificial Intelligence models for the diagnosis of the conifying machine. The models are already built in: users just choose the preferred analysis that the AI must perform and connect to the machines data for the training of the models.



Thanks to the implemented solution, the company now is able to:

  • • Offer to its customer worldwide a complete platform for machine performance analysis and energy consumption monitoring;
  • • Supply to the customers an efficient and quick after-sales service through the use of tickets;
  • • Identify and predict possible causes of failure through the use of artificial intelligence models.



Starting from the specific needs of the customer, MIPU offered a software solution with a personalized Data Experience able to adapt to the specific characteristics of each machine and easy to integrate with other software platforms already in use.

Rebecca Machinery is our software solution created specifically for machine manufacturers, in order to empower their assets through their entire life cycle, from design to after-sales.

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