Welfare & People Caring
These factors represent an important dimension of our strategic vision that focuses on people as key value of our company DNA.

Research, study and skills development are key elements.
You won’t find any company that invests in your education more than us.

We have developed a performance and growth potential evaluation system, as well as practical experiences in order to support people in the current and future challenges.


Talent Hiking

6000 m

It’s not for everyone reaching this goal. Responsibilities, Benefits and Incentives grow with you and now we offer you the opportunity to become a shareholder!

4000 m

After a climb full of projects, certifications and training courses, you have achieved an important peak. This is the moment to become team responsible and choose together an “Executive Master”!

2500 m

Integration into the staff. We design together your career development plan for the next 3 years. For the first 2 years, we apply the “job rotation” concept so that you can learn every aspect of our consulting services and discover your talent.

1000 m

The first 6 months of initial placement are focused on technical training, both theoretical and practical.

500 m

We organize a kick-off week dedicated to frontal and online trainings and self-study about cross-cutting topics.

0 m

Getting Ready We adopt an agile approach for selections: group assessments, cognitive and technical job interviews in order to select the best fit!

Discover our career and personal development process designed for assisting our talents all the way to the top!

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