The new frontier of Communication

Artificial intelligence offers incredible opportunities to the telecommunications sector, from improving the customer experience to enhancing the reliability of networks.

In MIPU we focus on 3 fundamental aspetcs


AI models are effective in detecting anomalous conditions: hardware or software malfunctioning, exceptional traffic, congestions, etc. The AI algorithm can learn what normal and abnormal conditions are, as to intercept deviations from the optimal functioning.


Network operators can leverage on the data-driven insights provided by Artificial Intelligence to reduce latency, optimize load balancing, and improve traffic demand forecasting.


This ability can be exploited for traffic profiling purposes, allowing: the identification of clusters of sessions based on their characteristics and the identification of traffic flow clusters.

We have gained extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics projects, allowing us to be flexible in both application domains and in the analytical techniques employed.

Our secret weapon is Rebecca AI: it is capable of managing the whole AI pipeline. 

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